No run lean down – the results

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I did a little experiment this summer. In March I decided to stop relying on (steady pace) running as my main source of cardio and try to do a leaning /shredding phase without it. Before I believed the best way to cut fat is to run run run – but this time I really wanted my muscles, especially on my lower body to be on fleek. Who wants to lose the muscle they worked so hard to build anyways?




So as I already mentioned in a post in March, I first started doing interval runs and sprints. But actually as time went on and I really focused on the weights, I more often went for the steps machine or the elliptical. I always did 15 minutes of those before my workouts, and if I wasn’t dead tired, 10 or 15 minutes more afterwards. I had five of these days and an extra cardio day when I did a total 45 mins of cardio. Sometimes on one machine, sometimes mixing it up. Also, especially at the last two months of my little prep (leading up to our vacation in Turkey) I went for lower weights but higher repetitions.


And I gotta say, I am satisfied with the results. (However, I need to mention, that keeping a clean diet is crucial when it comes to shredding!) I think I could lean down to a degree where I felt my muscles were toned but I wasn’t too skinny and dry, still felt curvy and feminine. It took four months of hard work, but it was worth it! Though I feel like I can still improve a lot, so I cannot wait to do another, even better prep next year after a lean bulk period.





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