Farewell Roadtrip to Balaton

Can you guys believe it? Only two more days left until I head out to Taiwan! My last few days ended up quite busy but I love it. It occupies me so much that I have no time and energy to worry about anything travel related, haha! Today I’m invited to a wedding and yesterday I went on a road trip to lake Balaton with a good friend of mine.


We went to an authentic Italian restaurant called Mauro and it was absolutely amazing! I haven’t had pizza in years so I really couldn’t resist – and God it was a great choice!


My pizza had chicken breast and pineapple toppings on a tomato-mozzarella base, with super thing crust and it was delicious! I also loved that napkin that was also a little Italian-Hungarian dictionary. I think it’s really thoughtful and makes the meal and ordering so much fun!


My friend got a massive bowl of seafood pasta and he said they just made it exactly the way he wanted so it was a big win! They also served our food super fast, especially considering how full and buzzing the restaurant was. The waiters were literally running around!


We took a little walk on the shore of Balaton after lunch – we were both just so full we needed to move a little, haha! I was happy to see the lake -the Hungarian see as we often call it- once again before leaving. It always brings up so many childhood memories, this place is really close to my heart.

So overall it really was the perfect farewell roadtrip. Now that I saw Balaton one last time and met all my friends important to me I’m leaving for this year ahead happy with no regrets:)


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