First week in Taiwan + vlog

I safely arrived to Taiwan on Tuesday and so far I am having a great time! It really feels like coming home with all my friends here welcoming me, I could hardly be happier:) (Okay, if he’d be here too, then I’d really feel like in Paradise.)

I haven’t really done touristy things yet, I’m spending most of my time meeting my friends (I have a coffee and a dinner date today), visiting some of the places I used to spend a lot of time at back when I was living here and managing university and dorm related things.On my first full day we went to see Bitan when I had all my dragonboat practices and the Shida area where my old language school is and where I basically spent 80% of my time back then. Oh the memories!

The track of NTNU that you might have seen on this blog more than two years ago

Yesterday I actually went to occupy my dorm room (haven’t met my roommate though) but I won’t move in until I get everything ready. I already purchased the most important things from IKEA and they will deliver my mattress on Monday so I only need a little more time and a few more bits and bobs until I can move in – probably sometimes next week. And can we take a moment to appreaciate the view from our common kitchen area? I can even see the Taipei 101! I think it looks absolutely stunning!


I actually edited my first vlog about this process, the NCCU campus and visiting the dorms for the first time, so if you’re interested check the video below! (It’s only 4 minutes)


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