Staying active – update!

I just really couldn’t wait to finally settle and get back into a routine. I am the kind of person that really needs routine in life – when it feels like everything falls back into place – because that’s when I feel the most energetic and productive, especially fitness wise!

People in this gym are slowly getting used to my flexing mirror selfies, haha!

Now that has been a bit of a struggle, even though I’ve been here for three weeks now. I was excited to move into the dorm and start going to the university’s gym. I expected it won’t be anything fancy, but usually if it has the basics I am fine. BUT. This gym has no barbells. None. Can you imagine that?! I was devestated at first, and still kind of feel like I couldn’t yet get back into my proper workout routine. However, I do go at least three times a week right now, usually trying out other gyms one more time – and on the other days…

Afternoon trip to Maokong – what an incredible view!

The cool thing about living up in the dorms here at NCCU is that it forces you to be active. As you might know, the dorm is up on the hillside, which means whenever you want to go somewhere, or even just go buy lunch or something, you need to walk 10-15 mins on the way down and another 15-20 mins on the way up. There is actually a shuttle bus, but it can get really crowded and lot of  times you have to wait a lot for it ~ so I usually just end up walking. Not to mention that the campus itself is quite big too and luckily I had some time to meet up with friends, visiting Maokong, the Zoo or just our favourite areas in twon – which always includes lots of walking. It might not seem a big of an exercise, but trust me: with this amount, you can really feel!

Luckily looks like I still haven’t lost my gainz though!

But what about those days when, like today, there is a typhoon or it’s just pouring rain all day and you’re stuck? Actually I am really lucky, cause I was smart enough to bring my resistance band and jump rope from home, so I can workout even in my room. Also, our dorm building has a little gym downstairs, and though it has no weights, it has two tradmills, a bike, a rowing machine and a weird little elliptical, so I can get some cardio in as well without having to leave the building.


Overall, though I am still adjusting to these new conditions, I think by paying attention to what I eat (tons of steamed veggies, tofu, eggs, rice, fruits and protein oats lately) and just trying to be active and move even when I cannot get to the gym for a proper workout really helps me to stay fit and healthy. And to be honest, that’s me main goal now. I want to maintain, maybe build a bit of muscle mass, but overall I just want to be fit and healthy and feel good in my skin – which is going pretty well so far! 🙂

P.S. the feature image is the cover photo for my upcoming vlog – if you’re interested in seeing what I’ve been up to more in detail, check out my youtube channel! You can find it from my lastest video down below!

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