Getting creative

You need to learn how to turn the disadvantages to benefits and get creative in life. Whether it might be changing up your workouts, or trying to cook for yourself in order to be healthier or changing up your environment to feel more at home at your place. And I really found that if I make an effort, trying to be creative and changing these little things in life, enjoying the results feels much better as if it was good enough in the first place already.


For me one of the big challenges of dorm life has been making healthy food that fits my diet. Luckily there are some quite healthy and very affordable options on campus, however I realized that though I’ve been eating lots of steamed veggies, tofu and rice, I haven’t been eating enough meat (chickeeen) and fresh fruits.


This week I decided it was time to do something about it, so for the first time, I tried cooking chicken in the rice cooker. (We have no stove in the dorm.) And it turned out surprisingly well! I used some grill chicken spices to season the chicken and chopped some onion along with it – and it got perfectly cooked in the rice cooker and didn’t even have to use any oils! It’s a win! So I threw a quicky chicken salad together which made me realize how much I missed making healthy and yummy food for myself at home!


My other great idea was the purchase I just made yesterday: I got myself a blender! I was hesitating between getting this one or just a small juicer that when it’s done you can just take with you as a bottle – but I went with this one so I can make creamy soups I cook in the rice cooker first then blend in this. Can’t wait for colder weather and spicy pumpkin soups!


Also, in order to make my dorm room feel more homey, I went to IKEA and picked up a cork board, then printed out some pictures to create a real life Pinterest mood board 🙂 It is still pretty empty, but I love it already! Can’t wait to have a bit more free time so I could look for more images to pin on Tumblr and Pinterest!


As for the workouts..The underequipped gym of the university made me get creative in many ways. Lately I’ve been going to the track once a week to do some sprints and interval runs and my body’s responding really well! Since I haven’t done these kinda workouts in so long, I can really feel my legs sore afterwards ~ shocking and surprising your muscles is always a good idea!


Also, I tried out a new gym that I really liked! Too bad it’s quite a commute to get there, but I’ll try to make it there at least once a week maybe to get in a proper leg workout – since they have loads of squat racks, available barbells and everything you might ever need for a good leg day! If you’re interested, here is a short edit from my last workout there, also featured on my instagram:

But when it’s raining so I can’t go to the track, and I have no time to go to this other gym I still try and do my best at the gym of the university. And yet again, this situation, the lack of proper equipment just makes me get more creative with what I have: since there are no barbells, I’m doing biceps curls with the smith machine, since there are no cables, doing rear delts on the chest machine, etc. It’s better than nothing for sure, and as long as they have heavy stuff for me to pick up, I can always find a way to make it work!


And if you are interested in what’s going on in my life in more details, check out my full vlog below – and let me know what you think, I’d love to hear your opinions!

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