Birthday girl!

Can’t believe I am 23 already! Time is passing by so fast, it’s crazy. But I can honestly say that I am really happy in life at the moment, I feel like so far everything is going as planned and I am grateful for all that. And today I got to celebrate my birthday with the loveliest roommate a girl could ever wish for, who made my day so perfect!


Since weather forecast indicated coming rain, we adjusted our original plan of going to the beach and decided to go into the city, wander around, get lost, find new places and take some cool pictures.

We chose the Zhongshan area and it turned out to be a great choice. Really interesting and cool neighbourhood and we got some cool shots while walking around and exploring.

And at the end we found the perfect cafe to rest at for a little while. It’s called Xhale, and apart from the cozy and stylish interior, and the comfiest bar chairs I have ever seen, they have really great coffee. We sat there just talking, writing post cards, journaling and had the loveliest time.

Overall I would just like to say how thankful I am for having such amazing people in my life, making my all my days brighter and happier ~ and especially today, a special thank you to my amazing roomie, without whom I couldn’t imagine my life anymore. ❤

All the pictures were taken by my talented roomie, Jasmin, whose blog you can find here:



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