Bitan – dragonboat and hiking

When people ask me what my absolute favourite place is in Taipei, I always know the answer immediately: Bitan. This place is just so breathtaking and I’ve had so many great memories here that I have really become obsessed. Clear,  green water, lush green mountain on one side and the sounds of a Chinese temple coming from the other, this is the perfect place for dragonboat. Rowing here is such a unique experience – on one hand you are moving and breathing together with your whole team, getting the boat ahead stroke by stroke and you just forget everything else going on in the world, you leave all your worries behind by the dock, and on the other hand, it feels like quality me time – no talking, just counting, looking at the person in front of you, but of course also admiring the gorgeous scenery. The sun as it’s raising up from behind the mountains, the exotic birds flying past by you just above the water – it is really hard to put it into words, I just wish I could share the experience with each and every one of you for real!


But if you don’t have the time and energy for joining a dragonboat team, Bitan still has great opportunities. You can enjoy a meal or fancy bubble tea in one of the restaurants overlooking the river or do a little hike on the hill/mountain on the right hand side of the river. Today after finishing practice we did exactly that and went on to explore the first half of the hiking trail leading up into the forest. It’s a pretty easy walk with great views so I highly recommend it for anyone visiting the area – was a great cool down activity for us after rowing!

P.S. how awesome is that it’s December but we had 25°C today?! I just love living in Taiwan!


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