Bitan VLOG!

Have you always wanted to see how a dragonboat practice looks like? Do you wanna see the pictures from my last post come alive? πŸ™‚ My next vlog about Sunday in Bitan (and a bit of pool time in December, because why not?!) is up on YouTube, check it out below!


3 thoughts on “Bitan VLOG!

  1. Love your Vlog! I”ve been contemplating starting to Vlog for a while now but am still unsure if it is something that would come naturally to me! I love making videos but I dislike talking to the camera. Did you find it uncomfortable at first?

    1. It was a bit strange first and it’s still not perfect but I think I am slowly improving πŸ™‚ A tip I also did is to just start making vlogs for yourself first: talk to the camera, record and edit it but don’t upload it yet ~ this way it won’t be stressful at first and you can get a bit of experience! Then when you feel more comfortable you can start sharing the videos with friends and family and upload them to Youtube! If you do please let me know, I’d love to see your vlogs too! 😊

      1. Ahhh! Thank you. I might practice and start in 2017! It’s always nerve wrecking, especially when 99.9% of my friends are 100% NOT social media enthusiasts. Thank god for the blogging community xx

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