Simply Taralynn: How I Lost 17 Pounds In 2016 Without Dieting

There is a blog post I would really like to share with you guys. I have been reading Taralynn’s blog for about five years now and have always loved her positivity and seeing pictures of her everyday life: her runs and workouts, her coffee adventures and her adorable dog Grumples. I have seen her life change and I also noticed that in this past year it has changed for the better. (Not to mention how cool I found that she started encorporating weights into her routine along with running!) This post of hers I am sharing now is much more than it seems at first. It is not just about how to lose weight, but about the mindset itself. How to be brave enough to change your life for the better, how to surround yourself with positive people, find balance and build a healthy relationship with fitness and food. I am sure many of you will also relate to this article a lot, I really feel like it is a valuable post to read. I am so proud of Taralynn and just love the message she is broadcasting to us – and I am excited to see her life keep improving!

Source: How I Lost 17 Pounds In 2016 Without Dieting


One thought on “Simply Taralynn: How I Lost 17 Pounds In 2016 Without Dieting

  1. Agreed! I have been reading her blogs of and on for the past few years and thought the exact same thing when I noticed she started picking up the weights. It’s so interesting to watch some bloggers develop and evolve over time!

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