5 Tips for Building a Better Booty

Girls often ask me: what do I have to do, if I want a bigger, rounder butt? And though the overall shape of your butt is mostly genetics, with consistent, hard work all girls can have strong firm booties! So today I want to share the most important things to pay attention to and work on, if you want to have a bigger, better butt!


  1. Don’t be afraid of weights!

    This is the most important tip. A lot of girls only do cardio when they hit the gym, or do some light exercises with no weights at all, but that won’t give you the bigger, round shape you want to achieve. Don’t be afraid of weights: do your squats and lunges with weights, and try to up the weight on the machines you use.

    Obviously: when you start training, start out with a weight that’s right for you: you should opt for one with which you can just barely complete the number of repetitions you’re assigned. So if your training plan says 8 reps, the last repetition should be challenging at the first set and really really hard at the last.


  2. Change your cardio routine!

    I would recommend not doing longer, steady pace runs while you’re trying to build a bigger butt. Running is a great form of cardio and can be quite therapeutic as well, but it’s also rather hard on your muscles: not building them up, but more likely burning them instead. So if you want to keep running, try to do sprints or interval runs instead. But if you don’t insist on sticking to running, for your warm-up and cardio days I would recommend trying other forms of cardio: my favourites are the steps machine, stair master and the elliptical. If you are feeling suspicious about whether they are actually effective or not, read this previous post of mine back from last summer, where I shared my results of shredding down with no steady pace running at all!


  3. Hit the glutes from different angles!

    Everybody has heard: do your squats if you want a nice booty! And squats are always a part of my routine too, but your training plan for leg day must be diverse if you want to build a booty. Squats have many variations too and so do lunges! Try to do a wide range of exercises when training your butt and change up your routine a bit every 6-8 weeks so your muscles don’t get used to doing the same exercises all over again.

    (P.S. would you like to see a post or video about my favourite squat variations or butt exercises explaining how to do them properly?)


  4. Eat!

    Keeping a strict diet, cutting calories – it all makes sense, when you are trying to lose weight or shred down. But when you are trying to build a booty, you need to eat enough to fuel your body and your muscles – especially since hard core leg workouts are the most demanding of all. I am not saying to eat whatever you can get your hands on and indulge in hamburgers and cookies. But the volume of your food should be increased a bit, and you always need to make sure your meals are balanced and have enough (of the right kind of) carbs, protein and fat. You cannot grow your butt with snacking on celery sticks and carrots all day. So try to get away from the ‘diet’ mindset and nourish your body with nutritious, whole foods.


  5. Take your time to rest!

    Training hard is one thing, but your body and muscles need proper rest in order to recover and grow. So make sure you take at least one rest day a week and don’t train your legs and glutes more than two times a week. Also: sleep is important! This is the time when most of the muscle recovery actually happens, so try to go to sleep before midnight and get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Trust me, your body is going to thank you for that!

These are my most important, basic tips and guidelines for building a better booty. It is a lot of hard work and don’t expect it to happen overnight: it takes weeks and months of being consistent and not giving up! If you have any questions related to this topic let me know – and also tell me if you would like to see a post or video of my favourite leg/glute exercises and/or squat variations. Have a lovely day!



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