Meal Prep: The Basics.

As you all know I swear by regularly doing meal prep as one of the most important parts of being fit and healthy ~ so that’s why I would like to share this post I wrote for with you all, about the basics of meal prep. I hope you’ll enjoy and find it helpful!

Eaternal Wellness

Good nutrition and diet is an essential part of leading a healthy life style. However, in today’s world when we’re all so busy, one might find it rather difficult to eat healthy, given the lack of time to cook every day and the mostly unhealthy choices in the restaurants if we choose to eat outside. But actually, there is a relatively simple way to solve all these problems and to make eating healthy much easier and less time consuming: meal prep!

It really just takes a little extra time and effort (and a little creativity) to prepare your meals in advance, but trust me: it will make an enormous difference! You might not have time to cook and prepare your meals every single day, but I am sure you can make time to do it once or twice a week. It might take one or two hours each time, depending…

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