Rest Day Alternative: Active Resting

In the fitness world the importance of taking proper rest days during the week is constantly emphasized: in order to let your muscles recover and grow, you need to give them time off from training. However, this doesn’t have to mean doing nothing all day long on your assigned rest days. Doing other recreational activities that differ from your chosen sport can be beneficial – that’s why football players might go to swim or swimmers might go play tennis on their days off.


And although it definitely feels nice sometimes to stay at home all wrapped up in a blanket with a good book and a hot cup of tea, consider going out and doing some fun activities instead! I love meeting up with friends for a match of squash or jumping into the swimming pool, especially when the weather is cold and rainy outside.


But when the weather turns warm and sunny -of which we can all surely be more appreciative now after these freezing cold winter days- one of the best ways to enjoy your freetime, resting from the gym but still staying active is walking and hiking. If you don’t have any mountains nearby or the time to commute to one, just put on your running shoes and go for long walks, either to a nearby park or exploring your neighbourhood and city. I always tend to find the best hidden little cafes and restaurant and random gorgeous little parks on walks like that.


However, if you do have the opportunity, then why not spend a few hours in the nature, getting your heart rate up a little bit climbing uphills to enjoy the view from the top? Just make sure you’re prepared with enough water and healthy snacks for the way, then get out the door and go!

I have recently uploaded two vlogs for those who are looking for ideas how to spend their rest days in Taipei: being a little touristy, walking a lot and checking out beautiful must-see places and completing light but beautiful hikes within the city. If you’re interested, here they are:


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