2017 July Recap

Hello there everyone:) Currently I am back in Hungary for the summer break -arrived home on the 1st July and will head back to Taiwan early September- and thought I would write up a little recap with some pictures and videos to share with you all what I have been up to this past month.

So I spent the first two weeks home just adjusting back to life here, spending lots of time with my family and eating lots of food I missed a lot! I was super excited to be back at my old gym as well – and my body really did appreciate the food and the gym, my abs are back and I am feeling so good in my skin!


The highlight of July happened afterwards though: two of my good friends and fellow Black Tide dragonboaters, Ericka and Ksenia came to visit me in Budapest! The girls were here for 5 days and we had the best time!

If you are interested, I uploaded two vlogs about our little adventures: one about a day trip we took on a cruise ship to a little town Szentendre and another one just exploring Budapest, mostly the castle.

Then on the 19th July Ksenia headed home to Russia while me and Ericka got on a bus going to Krakow! It was a 7-hour bus ride through the night that left us feeling a little bit like zombies. Nevertheless, we enjoyed all three days we had in Krakow – a lovely Polish city full of dragons, amazing cafes, pieces of art popping up here and there and lots of history around.

And last, Prague. To be honest, for me Prague was quite disappointing. The people weren’t nearly as nice as in Poland, we had the worst weather and the whole city just felt like a big tourist pot full of tourist traps. It was more expensive than Budapest or Krakow as well. The architecture is beautiful indeed, we found a great cafe near the John Lennon wall and our hostel (shout out to Cosmopole Hostel!) as a-m-a-z-i-n-g, but overall I gotta say I loved Krakow way more! P.S. The Strahov Monastery Library is the most disappointing sight in Prague. You have to pay 60CZK (student) for the entry and another 50CZK if you wanna take pictures just to be stopped at the door and not even let into the library – outrageous!


2 thoughts on “2017 July Recap

  1. Budapest looks like such an amazing place to visit! It’s on my travel bucketlist, which is overflowing given how much I love to travel! You look amazing as always, lovely!

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