NCCU (Taiwan) Dorm Experience

As the new school year is apporaching, I thought I would write a post about my experience living in the dormitory of National Chengchi University (Taipei, Taiwan) for all of you who might be moving in next year and are looking for some -hard to find indeed- information.

First of all, above is a video I made last year of moving into my room, so check that out if you would like to actually see what I am writing about here:)

So for the 2016-2017 academic year I lived in a two-person suite at the ZiQiang 10 (ZihChiang 10 in some transcribtions) dormitory. What do you need to know about this particular residence hall?

  1. It is up on the hill – which means 15 minutes walk uphills or 10 minutes walk downhills from and to the main downhill campus. Don’t you worry though, there are shuttle buses, and in exchange for the distance, you get better quality air and amazing views.
  2. The are four buildings in this residence hall: buildings A and C are for boys, buildings B and D are for girls. (Note: during the visiting hours and after registering, you can have visitors of the opposite sex!)
  3. There is a HiLife (convenient store) on the ground floor of Building A, a little gym (tradmills, a spin bike, a rowing machine and a pingpong table) and a community area with couches and TVs on the ground floor of Building B. There is also a study room – and a cafe where you can get coffee, breakfast or even lunch.
  4. The so-called Dorm 9 is just next to this residence hall – and it has a little store selling snacks and household items as well as a cantine with many different restaurant options – amazing for lunch if you’re too lazy to go downhills.
  5. Each floor of each building has a common room and a ‘kitchen’. The kitchen has one big fridge (note: you’re not allowed to have your own mini fridge in your room) and usually a microwave and a super small toaster over.
  6. The laundry section is on the rooftop with washing machines (10NT/wash) and dryers (10NT/45 mins) as well as space to hang your clothes.

In this video above you can see how the room (two-person suite) looks when it’s still empty, as well as the view from the room to the courtyard and from the kitchen to the city. (P.s. I am afraid it can only be viewed from your computer though, sorry for anyone on the phone)

So overall I really liked living in this dormitory: the building is new, so all the furniture is in good condition, which is really important for example in typhoon season. Being uphills might be a hassle for some, but life is actually really convenient: with the HiLife, cafe and the restaurants in dorm 9, you actually have everything you need uphills. Laundry is also pretty convenient. I would say the biggest con is that you cannot really cook – though with the microwave and the rice cookers they provide you can still prepare some meals. One fridge per floor is definitely not enough though, prepare for labeling your food and sometimes spending 5 minutes standing in front of the fridge reorganizing everything just to fit your food in.


If you have any questions about NCCU or this dormitory in particular, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments down below!


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