Moleskine Workout Journal Update

As unbelievable as it sounds for me, it was almost 2.5 years ago that I purchased a little white hard cover Moleskine notebook to use as my new workout journal. I was excited to start using it and that feeling hasn’t left ever since. This journal has come with me everywhere, and even though I took shorter or longer breaks in keeping track, overall it helped me consistently document my workouts and fitness journey. You can read about my first impressions of it shortly after I bought and started using it in a previous blog post here – or keep on reading for an update on how it has worked for me in these last few years.


So first of all, I would like to explain my method, how I keep track of my workouts and fitness journey in this journal. The majority of the contents of my workout journal are my weekly workout logs. With writing a workout journal everyone has to figure out which way work the best for them and how many details they like to keep track of. I tried tracking workouts writing down every single exercise, including numbers of sets, reps and the weights I used for each – but that felt too tidious for me, taking my time and focus off my workouts. In the end, I stuck with just writing down which muscle groups or bodyparts I trained each day – maybe writing little notes and cardio duration on the side. I am doing all this in a horizontal layout with one week displayed on one page.

As you can see above, even though it is not necessary at all, I like to make my weekly spready aesthetic – and also use certain fonts for each muscle group. I am having a lot of fun creating these spreads and it just makes it so much easier to look through them: in a glimpe I can see if I did or missed a certain body part that week, and so on. Also, my spreads used to be only black and white, with striped strips on the front and bottom, but got bored of it after a year or se and changed to using colors – usually different colors for each month now. It all depends on what you like, and I love that if I change my mind or get bored of something I can always just change them up, since there are no rules and I can always make it exactly the way I want or the way it works for me that given moment.

Apart from my weekly spreads, I also have random pages scattered throughout the journal. Sometimes I write recipe ideas or specific recipes, quotes, workouts, just thoughts. When I was still running a lot, I used to track my runs each month as well: just jotting down the distance, time, maybe average speed. But since I stopped running longer distances and mostly only do sprints or intervalls I stopped with that tracker by now.

The top section is the end of the journal I haven’t written in yet.

I have been using this workout journal for almost three years now, and even though it is still not full, it is almost completed. There were a few times, months (mostly during summer time), when I couldn’t keep up with tracking everything, but overall I used it a lot, it came with me everywhere. The pocket size is just perfect and having a hard cover made is really sturdy. Since it’s a Moleskine, the paper quality was just perfect as well. I think I will still keep on using this one until the end of 2017 ~ and in 2018 I will probably purchase a similar if not the same Moleskine notebook to keep on documenting my fitness journey in the years to come.


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