5 Reasons Why It’s Worth Waking Up Early In The Morning

Get up early and be productive in the morning! Nowadays we hear it a lot: in the television, in magazines and all over the internet, everyone seems to be encouraging people to make the most of their morning time, not wasting it away with sleeping in. But for some, waking up early can be quite a struggle, almost painful if you will – so it is understandable and logical to ask: why is it so good for me? Why would it be worth it to make an effort and get out of bed early? Today I would like to talk about my top 5 reasons why I believe being a morning person and waking up early is an amazing decision to make.


Enjoy the quiet time

Maybe it is just me, but being awake in the early morning, when the city and all the people still sleep, I think, is a wonderful thing. You can enjoy an early morning walk around the neighbourhood or just a cup of coffee or tea looking out the window and just listen to the peaceful silence all around. This is the perfect time to have for yourself. Plan your day ahead, write your daily morning pages, browse through the news or pamper yourself with a face mask – enjoy that this time is yours only and nobody will disturb you now.


Nice weather and nice views

The sleepy early mornings are not just enjoyable but also really pleasurable to watch: if you are early enough to see the sun rise, that speaks for itself, but even afterwards, the city, the streets, the countryside – they all just look lovely in the morning, waking up and getting ready for the daily buzz. And in the summer, when the temperatures are so unbearably high during the day, you can enjoy a cool breeze before it gets hot again if you wake up early in the morning.


Less waiting in line

If you wake up and get ready early in the morning, heading out the door before most people do, you will also enjoy waiting less in lines on your way. Whether you want to pick up coffee or breakfast on your way to school or work, or maybe just buy your transportation tickets for the day, you will surely save lots of time and troubles in contrast to going during the rush hours just 30-40 minutes later. Furthermore, this reason also leads me to the next once, which is…


Snatching your favourite spot

If you are like me and like to occupy that one perfect spot in the coffee shop or library once you found it, it might be disappointing and annoying sometimes when someone is already sitting there when you arrive. However if you are early enough and there maybe by the time when the place opens (for example as our library opens at 8am), I can almost surely guarantee you won’t have to worry about anybody taking your place.


Be more productive

While you might think that your brain is just not working in the morning and your most productive time is the afternoon or evening, studies have proven otherwise. A research paper1 published by MIT last year found that the time of day actually significantly affects one’s productivity, and especially for students, the morning is the period when we can be most productive. Psychology Today2 also concluded reviewing multiple research studies that regarding happiness and productivity early risers perform much better than their ‘night owl’ counterparts.

I am a true morning person and I hope I could give you some insights to why it is so worth it to set an alarm and wake up early in the morning. If it doesn’t come as easy for you but would like to try, look for my next post with tips on how to become a morning person next week! And if you still feel like you need a little more motivation, take a look at this inspiring video by Chase vs Everything that very simply shows why you should try and make an effort to get out of bed earlier.




1 Pope, N. (2016). How the Time of Day Affects Productivity: Evidence from School Schedules. Review Of Economics And Statistics, 98(1), 1-11.

2 https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/wired-success/201208/early-risers-are-happier-healthier-and-more-productive-night-owls


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