Transportation Around NCCU (Taipei)

If you are living or studying in Taipei –or just looking for universities here-, you have probably heard that NCCU (National Chengchi University) is just “so far from everything”.  Well, on one hand, I agree. If you want to go to the rather northern parts of the city it can take an hour or even an hour and a half to get there – but given the sheer size of Taipei, wherever you live in the city, there will inevitably be parts of the city that are an hour away from you.

So considering that, on the other hand I disagree with the presumption that it would be a big reason against choosing NCCU as your university. Why? Because even though it is located in the very southern part of Taipei, the transportation around the university is really convenient, with many buses stopping right in front and multiple MRT stations easily accessible by these buses.

Since transportation in a foreign country can get confusing sometimes, especially if lots of things are only available in Chinese, today I would like to share a little introduction with you about the transportation around NCCU. We will review the bus stops, where the most important buses take you, which MRT station are closest and how to reach them, as well as the best routes to some of the main spots of Taipei.

[If you would rather listen to all this than read, you can check out the video below]

The bus stops

There are let’s say 4 bus stops around NCCU. Currently as I am writing this post, one of them is not in operation though, so I will only mention 3. First of all there is the “政大 – National Chengchi University” stop going East, located on the side of the university near the so called McGate (opposite McDonalds). Buses from this stop will almost always take you to Taipei Zoo or in the direction of Taipei 101 / Taipei City Hall.

On the opposite side of the road there are currently two bus stops. One is near the main gate, called “政大一 – National Chengchi University 1”. This stop is tricky, because not all the buses serving the university stop here. But if your bus does stop here, wait in this stop because you will have a better chance for finding a seat. The next stop is on the other side of the university (towards the left if you come out through the gate) right before the bridge. It is called “新光路口 – Xinguang Road Entrance”. Before this was a rarely used stop, but since buses currently don’t stop at the NCCU stop in this direction it transformed into the main stop going into the city.


The closest MRT stations

There are a couple of MRT stations along the brown and the green line that are easy to get to by bus from the uni. Taipei Zoo is the closest – you could even Ubike there in 10 minutes- and Gongguan is the farthest, but if you’re going into the city and the brown line is not convenient for your destination, I think it’s worth taking the bus and transferring there. So let’s see which buses can take you to each of these:

Taipei Zoo (brown line) – 236 / 282 / 295 / 611 / BR6 / G1 – from the station on the same side of the road as the uni, in front of HiLife

Muzha (brown line) – 282 (Xinguang Rd.) or if you walk across the bridge: 252 / 819 / BR7

Wanfang Hospital (brown line) – 236 / 530 from either NCCU 1 or Xinguang

Qizhang (green line) – G1

Gongguan (green line) – 236 / 530 from either NCCU 1 or Xinguang

The buses

236 – first of all, what you need to know is that there are two version of this bus. The number on the front is green for one and red for the other. The green or ‘shuttle’ version only goes to Gongguan and turns back before Taipower Building. Both stop at MRT Wanfang Hospital and Gongguan as well – but what most people forget about is that the red one can also take you to MRT Taipower Building, Guting, Chiang Kai-shek, NTU Hospital and Taipei Main Station. It might not be the fastest way if the traffic is bad, but if you value the convenience of not having to transfer, I highly recommend taking this bus.

530 – basically the same as the green 236: it can take you to MRT Wanfang Hospital and Gongguan but will turn back before Taipower building.

282 – in one direction it takes you to the Zoo, but in the other one…! Before getting into its destinations please note that it takes you to a lot of places, but getting to some –especially with traffic- can take some time. So in the other direction (Xinguang Rd. Entrance stop) it takes you to MRT Muzha, Lingguang and Liuzhangli stations on the brown line, as well as MRT Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall (blue line), MRT Nanjing Fuxing (IKEA!), Songjing Nanjing and even to Zhongshan (red line). Let’s say if you hurry and want to go to Zhongshan, it might be faster to first go to Gongguan and take the MRT from there – but if you are coming home and it’s late, it may be more convenient to just take the bus and relax.

G1 – this bus can be pretty useful in both directions. From Xinguang Road Entrance it will quickly take you to MRT Qizhang, Xindian District Office and Xindian station (amazing for dragonboat!). In the other direction however it will not only take you to the Zoo, but also super quickly (compared to all other routes) takes you to Taipei 101 through tunnels across the mountains, finishing its route at MRT Taipei City Hall (blue line) in the end. (For the same way, you can also take BR18.)

295 – it takes you to MRT Xinhai station, the Daan Sports Center, NTNU aka Shida (if you want to go to or come home from Shida night market), as well as MRT Guting and NTU Hospital stations. In the other direction it takes you to the Zoo.

611 – from Xinguang Road Entrance it takes you to MRT Wanfang Hospital, Xinhai and Liuzhangli stations as well as to the World Trade Center, before going off in the direction of Songshan.

How to get to…

CKS Memorial Hall: there are two ways I would recommend. The faster is to take a bus to Gongguan and transfer to the MRT there for 3 stations. The slower but maybe more convenient one is to just take 236 which takes you right there.

Shilin & Tamsui: you can either do any of the routes above and transfer to the red line at Gongguan – or could maybe consider taking G1 to Taipei 101 and changing to the MRT there.

Ximen: one way would be taking a bus to the Zoo, taking to MRT until Zhongxiao Fuxing and transferring to the blue line there. Another way would be to take a bus to Gongguan and transfer to the MRT (green line to Ximen) there.

Huashan Creative Park & Guanghua Digital Plaza: they are located at MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng station (blue&orange line), so probably the easiest way is to take G1 to Taipei City Hall and transfer to the blue MRT line there.

This is all I wanted to share for now – I really hope it will be helpful for you if you study or are planning to study at NCCU. If you have any questions, just let me know in the comments and for more help with the buses download the Taipei Bus Tracker app that I mentioned in my previous post about life in Taiwan.


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