What I Eat In A Day (In Taiwan)

When you are trying to be conscious of what you eat and especially if you are regularly training as well, then choosing and timing your meals is very important. So today I would like to share with you all what I typically eat in a day. Hope you will find it interesting and feel free to share in the comments what food you typically go for or which of these meals was your favourite.

Early morning oats


I usually wake up at 6 a.m. every day, even if I don’t have class or training in the morning – I am just naturally a morning person, and can only get work done effectively in the morning. But for that I need fuel, so the first thing I do after waking up and drinking a glass of water if to eat my first breakfast. Since I eat right after waking up, I am usually still pretty sleepy, so this has to be something really simple and quick to make. Most of the times therefore I go for oatmeal. I cook my oats with water, add some tiramisu (basically coffee) flavoured protein powder, walnuts, raisins, goji berries and some chia seeds – and eat the whole bowl while watching YouTube videos and trying to wake up.

The second breakfast


By 9 a.m. I am completely awake and ready to eat my second breakfast of the day. I love proper breakfast foods like omelettes and pancakes so always really excited to make something delicious now that I am not too sleepy to bother with it anymore. One of my favourites is having two slices of whole grain toast, one or two sunny side eggs and some fresh fruit on the side. Obviously nothing can beat protein pancakes, but living in the dorm makes cooking those a little harder, even though I got this cool electric cooker recently, which at least makes it possible, yay!

Lunch time!


This is the part of my day that varies the most regarding my choice of food. Since I bought that cooker I try to cook quite a lot, because knowing what I eat is healthy, made of whole foods without any sneaky additives, is very important for me. If I cook that’s usually chicken or beef with either rice, bulgur or whole wheat pasta and some veggies of course. But one of my favourites that I wanted to show you today is this restaurant near our campus. They have the veggies, noodles, meat products at the store front where you can choose whatever you would like to have, put it in a little basket and hand it over to them. The staff will cook it for you and serve it as a delicious soup or over rice. Whenever I feel like I haven’t gotten enough vegetables in lately I always come here and get my dose of broccoli, carrots, green beans, etc.



Most of the times I go to the gym in the early afternoon not long after lunch. So by the time I finish I might not be super hungry yet, so I usually just drink my protein shake – one scoop of tiramisu flavour whey protein that is lately.



I actually don’t eat dinner in the traditional sense. I like to have my last meal of the day around 6 or 7 p.m. (note: I usually go to bed at 10 p.m.) and it is almost never a hot meal – eating proper cooked meals in the evening always feels to heavy for me personally, making it hard for me to sleep and feeling a little uncomfortable. So I usually just eat something light: nowadays I have been obsessed with these high fibre crackers and light Philadelphia cream cheese, and maybe some fruits if I still crave something sweet.

So this is it for what I usually eat in a day – though obviously it can vary based on how busy or active my day is. If I need it and feel hungry, I have a few, mostly healthy snacks here and there. In recent years I found that for me eating smaller meals and snack all throughout the day works the best for me – they never leave me feeling too full, heavy and uncomfortable, but provide the energy I need for the whole day of studying, working and training. Not everybody is the same however, so what might work for me, might not be the most ideal for you. What I suggest is try out different ways and schedules of eating, listen to your body and be sensible. Eat when you are hungry, but don’t overindulge or just eat because you are bored.

I hope you enjoyed this article, please feel free to share your thoughts on your favourite meals, daily eating routine and how you like to schedule your meals!


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