HIIT Cardio & Legs Workout At The Track

Although I prefer working out in the gym, using weights most of the time, sometimes I really get into the mood to train outdoors – and it is great for your body to mix up your workout schedule from time to time, surprising your muscles with different kinds of workouts.


And one of my favourite way of training outdoors is definitely doing HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts out on the track. HIIT can help you improve both your aerobic and anaerobic endurance and it is really effective in burning fat – but at the same time, unlike a long steady state cardio session, it prevents you from actually burning muscle as well.

So today I would like to share a killer cardio and legs HIIT with you that will definitely leave your heart racing and your legs shaking.  Below you can find the exercises listed for the whole workout starting from warm-up, to the cardio and legs workout part. Not listed but recommended however is some light stretching before the workout and a proper stretching routine afterwards. Also remember to stay hydrated during the whole workout, as it is going to be pretty intense!

And if you would like to actually see the workout and hear some tips about the execution, check the video below! 🙂


2 x 50 m – High knees

2 x 50 m – Butt kicks

2 x 50 m – Jumps

2 x 10 – Hip swings (each side)

2 x 10 – Torso twists


Cardio / Running

[300 m jogging + 100 m sprint] x2

100 m spring x 2

50 m sprint x 2

400 m cool down jogging



[2 x 50 m walking lunges + 10 jump squats]

2 x 50 m side shuffle

1 minute pulse squats + half lunges

[10 / each leg bench step-ups + 10 x 180° jumps]

(If you still have energy, repeat leg routine)

* Exercises in brackets are supersets, should be done with no rest in between.


Check out the video to see the workout with tips and instructions in detail:

I hope you all enjoyed this workout – if you complete it please let me know, I would love to hear your feedback! If you have any request for workouts you would like to see either on this blog or on YouTube, please leave that in the comments down below too.


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