24th Birthday Recap

It was my 24th birthday last week. While it is crazy I am already 24, I had the loveliest time thanks to my friends and I am excited to tell you guys all about it. But before I start: especially since we didn’t take too many pictures, I’d like to share the video I made of all these celebrations ~ I think it’s an even better way to give you a sneak peak into all the festivities 🙂

So on my actual birthday I met up with my friend Ericka on Shida Road in the morning. A few days earlier I mentioned to her that I had never tried acai bowl actually even though I really wanted to, so she said she would treat me for one on my birthday to make it more special. We went to a place called KGB Burgers – though had a little confusion about their brunch time. We had thought it started from 10:30 but when we got there, on the door the sign said 11:30. We were a little hungry, so we walked to a nearby Louisa (my favourite cafe chain in Taiwan) to get a little something and chat and went back to the restaurant an hour later. Obviously, we were not that hungry anymore so we decided to share a bowl and it really was more than enough. And the verdict… I loved it!! It was very delicious and I love how aesthetically pleasing the serving always is! If it’s worth 300NT? Not sure – though I gotta say the bowl we got was huge indeed.

I was in an amazing mood all day with such a great start to my day, and was really excited for our (now usual) Wednesday night track training I hold for a couple of girls on campus. Some people looked at me strange when I told them my plans, but for me, it was the perfect activity for my birtdhay! Since doing sports is something I love and really enjoy, getting to do that with my friends sounded like an awesome idea for me – and it was! My sweet Arzhia suprised me with a balloon and a tiara (haha) and I also got a sneaky cake disguised as an apple and a beautiful card from Ksenia, so I was a happy camper that night – and as I had expected, had lots of fun 🙂

And it doesn’t end there, as my “official” birthday celebration was on Saturday. I got some of my girls together and we went for brunch – to a Dutch place I really like. We got so carried away with the food and with talking that we didn’t take too many pictures, but I had the best time. Having them around and spending a lovely morning together just simply made me really really happy:)


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