Post-workout To Dos: Cool Down And Stretching

There are certain things that trainers tell their trainees every single time and which are also written and said after each and every workout routine post or video, yet a lot of people tend to skip them automatically, not realizing their real importance. These two main things that should not be underestimated are cool downs and stretching – which are both incredibly important in avoiding injuries. Today we will talk about these two concepts to show you why and how you can start doing them after your workouts from now on too –and just how easy and simple they really are!


Cool down

When you are doing cool down exercises, you are gradually easing your way into finishing your workout, slowly decreasing the workload and pressure on your muscles. Completing a cool down routine after exercise can help you avoid feeling light headed and dizzy as opposed to just stopping suddenly and can help you avoid soreness the next day.

What cooling down exercises are doing is basically slowly bringing your body temperature and heart rate back to the normal level. Cooling down basically means doing some light exercises after finishing your normal routine: it can be the same sort of sport you have just finished – e.g. if you were running, your cool down can be light jogging or walking- or any general light movements that keep your body moving a bit longer but letting it slowly calm down and get back to its normal state. Make sure you are taking long, deep breaths throughout the cool down exercises and to start rehydrating your body.


Once you are down with your cool down routine (about 5-10 minutes), move on to doing your stretching. The stretching exercises you should do vary based on what kind of workout you just finished. There are generally two types of stretches you can do: targeted and general. Let’s say if you just finished a leg day in the gym, you should start out with some targeted stretches for your quads, hamstrings and glutes, since obviously those are the body parts that handled the biggest workloads. However, just because you did legs, it doesn’t mean you cannot stretch other parts of your body, so you can continue with some other, more general stretching exercises for your torso, back, arms and neck as well.

Today we are going to share with you all a general stretching routine that will hopefully give you some ideas on how to stretch each body part. This is a really simple and basic routine, so if you have been active and doing sports for a longer time, you probably know at least some of them – but if you are new to the active and fit lifestyle, it can act as a great guide for you on how to get started with stretching. The video is going to show you stretches for the whole body, going top down. We are going to start out with stretching our neck, then shoulders, triceps, biceps and chest. I will also show you some great ways to stretch your back and torso and then we are going to move on to multiple leg stretches.


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