Exploring Zhongli – Meet My Roommate!

As you might know already, I currently live in the dormitory of my university – and this year I am living with a Taiwanese roommate. Her parents live in Zhongli district of Taoyuan city which is about 40-50 minutes away from Taipei by a local train, so she usually goes home for the weekend or for longer breaks. I recently visited her in Zhongli and she kindly showed me around and took me to two really nice cafes, both of which I loved. I was vlogging that day and I will insert the video at the end of the post, and we also took some pictures, so I thought I would share it with you all to see the places we went to and get to know my roomie.


We started the day with brunch in Pan Mallette ~ they have a really cool design and kind of an industrial vibe there and they also roast their own coffee, which I thought was pretty cool. I got their tuna sandwich and my roomie went for their omlette and they were delicious! Definitely would go back again. Also liked their coffee and just loved their attention to detail and their cute logo on every cup and product.

We then went on the longest walk – we were just walking around for 2-3 hours. We went to see parks, walked alongside the river and explored cute streets and saw many more cafes I would love to try one day. I took some pictures of her, so here she is, meet my roomie! She is the loveliest person, very cute, funny, but also super smart. You can have great conversation with her, she always helps me whenever I need anything or just don’t know something in Chinese – and she also loves sports so we workout together weekly with some other girls from campus too. I feel so lucky to have her as a roommate and will definitely miss having her around after the semester ends!


She then took me to one of her favourite cafes which I also instantly fell in love with. It’s called 我們。他們。 and it has a lovely garden with seats outside and just the best atmosphere. The weather was really nice and sunny when we went, the birds chirping, the resident cats running around and we spent the perfect afternoon there. It’s a pet friendly cafe so many people bring their dogs – we saw a huge but very cuty husky that day. My order also felt very special: it was a different take on an iced latte. I got a glass with two ice balls made of black coffee – and a jug of hot milk. I had to pour the milk on the coffee ice balls and they started melting into the milk. This way as the ice melted the coffee-milk ratio kept changing (also as I added more milk gradually) and it was really interesting – and also very tasty!

Even though Zhongli is a place I wouldn’t have thought of going to otherwise, I really liked it and my roomie did a very good job showing me around. I would love to go back and visit the 我們。他們。 cafe again as well as explore new ones. If I get to do it I will make sure to post about it again! 🙂

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