Hiking Around Taipei: Teapot Mountain

I love to spend my free time outdoors, being active – and Taiwan is the perfect place for that. As the island not only has the seaside, but also many mountains, it is the perfect place for hiking and there are many great hikes very close to Taipei as well. With my friends we love to make day trips out of Taipei to explore new hiking routes ~ and that’s exactly what we did recently when we went to hike the Teapot Mountain.


The Teapot Mountain hike is a moderate hike involving lots of stairs and gorgeous views ~ I highly recommend it to everyone! We took bus 1062 from Taipei, which is the same one that takes you to Jiufen as well. You have to pass Jiufen this time though and get off at the last stop, at the Gold Museum. Once off the bus, you actually have to walk into the property of the museum and just walk past everything to the very back, where the staircase of the hike starts.


The first part of the hike as I said was stairs, through the forest. It was wuite tiring I gotta admit, but definitely not something impossible. After a while you get out to a road where you have to walk uphills a bit until you reach the last part with the stairs. I recommend doing a little detour from the route before the stairs to this little pagoda on the edge as it has gorgeous views!


Afterwards you’re almost at the peak – and there is actually a part at the very end where you can climp up to the highest rocks, holding a rope if you are adventurous and determined to get the best possible shots from the top.


It was a beautiful hike and a great workout, so I really recommend – just as stopping by the Golden 101 hotel on the way down. Their caramel macchiato is delicious and the service was just so nice. The perfect end of the hike:)

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