The Best Pancakes in Taipei: Sugar Pea

Since we realized we only have a few more months left together before we leave to different parts of the world, we have been trying to spend even more time together with my two closest friends in Taipei ~ and to have brunch together every weekend. One day we decided to check out this place called Sugar Pea that is famous for its banana pancakes. Oh. My. Goodness.


First of all, the whole restaurant looks so lovely and photogenic! It has a white interior and huge windows to let in lots of natural light ~ and lovely little design details that gives it a kind of feminine vibe. It is exactly the place you think of when you’re imagining ladies’ brunch.


It is a little bit pricey, but definitely worth it, as the dishes, coffee and the service are all outstanding. My friend Ericka actually said this is the kind of place she can imagine herself going to for meeting her friends when she will be 35 years old and already had her life figured out.


The pancakes were why we chose this place in the beginning – and they definitely lived up to all our expectations. We got the most perfect, fluffy pancakes, which themselves were not overly sweet and came with a scoop of ice cream on top and the most heavenly honey peanut butter sauce on the side. Also it was such a huge portion that I couldn’t even finish mine ~ so the staff kindly packed up the rest for me.


Overall I absolutely fell in love with the place, and even though due to the price range we cannot go there often, we will be returning for sure.

Sugar Pea | Taipei City, Da’an District, 仁愛路四段300巷20弄16號1樓 |

One thought on “The Best Pancakes in Taipei: Sugar Pea

  1. This place looks absolutely fantastic! Yay for high-quality banana pancakes ❤ Taipei is one of my destinations on my bucket list because I really want to explore the hiking trails, the cityscape, the beaches, and of course, the amazing restaurants!

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