Graduating Soon?!

It didn’t always feel so fast during the process, but now it feels like these two years have passed by so fast! It’s almost like I arrived to NCCU yesterday, while in reality, my graduation ceremony is now only about two weeks away. Isn’t that crazy?

And even though we still have a little time until the ceremony, we already received our graduation gown and caps – and so did people at NTU. One of my best friends in Taiwan, Ericka is also graduating this year (from the above mentioned NTU) and especially since we cannot attend each other’s graduation, as they’re at the same time, we decided to do a little grad photoshoot.

Of course the squad had to be complete, so Ksenia came along! She helped us take pictures and capture all our silly moments – and as I brought my tripod, we also managed to get some nice shots of the three of us together.

These two girls have been such a big part of these two years in Taiwan ~ and I am incredibly happy we found time this morning to try to capture some special moments that describe our friendship. It’s scary to think about that we have only 3 weeks left for all three of us to get together – but I know that no matter where life takes on in the world, we will always find a way to stick together. ❤

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