My Last Time By The Sea In Taiwan: Waiao Beach Day!

It is officially my very last week in Taiwan before moving back to Hungary to start working soon – which also means it is my last chance to see the sea, as we don’t have a seaside and I am not entirely sure when I’ll have the opportunity to take a vacation to the sea next. For this reason and to fulfill Ericka’s promised birthday gift of paragliding off the mountain to the beach we decided to go to Waiao last Sunday.

Waiao is a black sand beach in Yilan, popular amongst surfers and people who want to try paragliding.

The two girls did the paragliding and I was waiting for them at the beach to film their landing. It was scorching hot with no shade, so not the most pleasant hour of waiting, but they both loved the ride and I managed to catch their landing on camera, so it was worth it.

Had the best beach day with the girls!

And luckily as it has been really hot in Taiwan these past months, the water was amazing as well. We spend quite a lot of time in the water, just jumping into the waves and enjoying the cooling water.

It was a simple but perfect day, eating our cold sesame noodles looking at the water ~ and the perfect farewell from the Taiwanese sea side.


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