When it’s finally turning to fall

I lived two years of my life without autumn. No leaves falling, everything green didn’t turn into beautiful warm colours and there was no sweater weather. It was hard, as autumn is my favourite season. I was born in this season and live for the hot drinks, apple-cinnamon flavoured everything and the cosy knits.


Now that I moved back to Europe, I am experiencing autumn in a completely different way. Almost like a child. I feel like adults take most things around them for granted – when there are actually so many little things around to be appriciated, to be admired.


As I walk to work, right by the city park and through a beautiful avenue, I carefully look at the trees each morning. You wouldn’t even notice the change if you don’t pay attention. But if you do, it’s so wonderful. Nowadays we’re so buried in our screens wherever we go, that we forget to look up and look around.



But if you do, you can see so many wonderful things. Kids picking up conkers, doggies dressed in cute little jackets. People wrapped up in big cosy scarves. Maybe it’s the “you only realise how much it means to you when you lose it” that made me rediscover and appreciate all these again. I’m not sure.


All I know is that I am super excited for this one and a half months we have left of autumn. I have a new job which I love, with amazing colleagues – including Zsofi whom we took these pictures with. As she loves all things cosy and autumnal as much as I do, we have a few things planned for the upcomign weeks – which I am excited to share with you, so stay tuned!

What’s your favourite thing about autumn?

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