Day Trip To Győr – Explore Hungary With Me!

A few days ago, we hopped on a train with my friend, Menta, to go and explore a new city. Since I moved back home, I made a promise to myself that I would make an effort to go and explore more of Hungary – and this was a perfect first step on the way.


Győr is one of Hungary’s main cities, in the Northwestern area, close to both the Slovakian and the Austrian border, and it happens to be the city, where my grandpa grew up. I have heard countless stories, but I have only properly been to the little village nearby where his grandparents used to live. I was happy to finally have a change to explore the city as well, and I gotta say, it didn’t disappoint!


We started out by getting a cup of coffee in an artisan coffee roastery called Kapucziner. The place is tiny on the inside, but they had some tables in front of the store, and luckily the weather was good enough to sit outside.


They also happen to have a mauvy pink wall, which was perfect for photos! There was also a cute little mixed breed dog running around – he was super friendly so had a fun time playing with him too!


For the most part we were walking around the historical city center – my grandpa gave me directions on which roads to follow and what to check out. I loved the architecture of the city! It’s funny because of its lower buildings it really feels like a “countryside town” for me, but I have to admit, I admired the cleanliness and how all the buildings were so nicely renovated and colourful.


One highlight of our trip was visiting this little island within the city. This island gives home to an old boathouse – where my grandpa used to have rowing practices when he was younger, before he switched to fencing.


And let me tell you, the island looked like a little autumn wonderland. It had all the beautiful autumnal colours, leaves everywhere – the only thing it was missing was a cafe. We had a lovely time walking around and having fun with all the fallen leaves.


I am so glad we went on this one day trip – and happy we were so lucky with the weather! I cannot wait to go and tell my grandpa all about it and show him the picutres, and also to go on and explore more beautiful places in Hungary. Check back in here and come explore Hungary with me! 🙂

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