About me!

I am a 22 year old fitness addict bookworm from Europe.

That’s me on the left, with my friend Bianca ❀

In the fall of 2012 I got seriously addicted to working out and gym and I have dedicated my life to being healthy and getting stronger ever since. I am amazed by the feeling that my body can do things it was physically not capable of doing months ago. Once you experience this, there’s no way back! To get to know more about what I am doing with my body and how to do it properly and safely I have recently completed a personal trainer course – I learnt a lot but I still feel like I have lots of things to learn, so I keep reading and educating myself in the topic.

My team when we won the New Taipei City International Dragonboat Championship in 2014!
My team when we won the New Taipei City International Dragonboat Championship in 2014!

I am also a dragonboater! From August, 2013 I spent almost a year in Taiwan on scholarship to study Chinese. And that’s where I was introduced to this am10338674_711400505586108_3379657685268498080_oazing sport and to the team I call my family to this day. Joining a dragon boat team and doing my studies at the same time taught me how to be responsible, organize my time wisely and still be effective, live a balanced life. It showed me what commitment means – how I have to work hard every day, even if I feel tired or just don’t feel like doing it, because other people count and rely on me and because if I start doing something, I want to do it the best as I can, otherwise it would be only a waste of my own time. I had to come back to my home country to finish university (I am an International Studies major), but I am planning on going back to Taiwan for my Master’s degree!


My heart is in Saudi Arabia! I found love in Taiwan – he is not only my boyfriend, but my best friend, my partner, and my gym buddy! I have never trusted anyone as much as I trust him and I can honestly say I wouldn’t give up on him for anything. On June 14 we had to separate – we have about 3400 kms distance but that hasn’t changed anything. Because love knows no distance. πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “About me!

      1. Wow! Amazing! I was looking about your blog (great bod, btw! I hate running too so I swim). Have you considered blogging about you and him and how you both are coping with the distance?

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