The balanced schedule

This month is for the exams, but that does not mean neglecting other aspects of my life. However, in order to properly complete all my tasks and do well in everything I do, the crucial thing is: having a schedule. Advertisements

Meal timing

Timing and choosing your meals properly before training is crucial. Even though I know I always fall into the mistake of “oh, it’ll do” and eat too soon, too late, too little or too much. Of course everybody has a different digestion so the time and food appropriate for your workout might differ from others, … More Meal timing

So far so good!

Everything is going as planned so far! Yesterday I made that chicken salad I mentioned in my last post. Well, I really do love chicken salads, they are just so simple and so good with the fresh veggies and the tender chicken they are the perfect healthy but filling choice for lunch with good carbs … More So far so good!