The balanced schedule

This month is for the exams, but that does not mean neglecting other aspects of my life. However, in order to properly complete all my tasks and do well in everything I do, the crucial thing is: having a schedule. Advertisements

Friday morning run

This morning I felt super motivated to go running. I’ve been thinking about it since yesterday evening knowing that I’ll take a rest from gym today and that the weater forecast promised gorgeous spring weather with 19°C for today. Well, unfortunately that only applies for the afternoon – when I’ll be sitting in the office … More Friday morning run

Meal timing

Timing and choosing your meals properly before training is crucial. Even though I know I always fall into the mistake of “oh, it’ll do” and eat too soon, too late, too little or too much. Of course everybody has a different digestion so the time and food appropriate for your workout might differ from others, … More Meal timing


After the hard work of long months, the New Taipei City Speaker Cup, our dragonboat competition arrived. It was an exhausting but super exciting two day long event during which our women’s, men’s and mixed team competed again teams from all around Tawian, including the national team, the well-known friefighters and a lot others. Unfortunately … More Champion!